Three Minute Feedback Form

Here’s my annual ministry partnership appeal. It’s helpful for me to know how you plan to connect with me in 2022. Most of you know the drill by now. If you need a few details on my budget check out my previous post. I would love to know if you’re able to help out next year like you did this past year. And I’d love to know if you’d be able to help with a small budget increase. This is also my chance to catch up with you if your address has changed or if you’ve had a major life event I should know about.

Click here to be taken to my 3 Minute Feedback Form

I’ll keep this link out here the entire month of December – my apologies if you get a little tired of seeing it. Each of the past three years I’ve tapped my base and gotten just a few more forms back each year. Let’s make this an outstanding year. I’d love to hear from everyone!

And that my friends is it. Have a terrific week! (probably the shortest blog post I’ve ever written)

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