Green, Gold or Blue?

Each November we make sure you know how our funding is looking for the year. The first thing I’m always struck with when running the numbers for Fall support projections, is that there is a community of people out there who supply my budget every year! That’s a lot of dollars when you add up my salary, my benefits, and all my ministry expenses. If you’re an active donor to my ministry, you’re part of a community of 91 people who give financially so I can do InterVarsity’s mission with faculty and graduate students. Thank you! I don’t deserve you, and I know it! I need all 91 of you (and then some) to make budget each year. I hope you know how blessed I am by you.

Click here to go to Tim’s donation page at InterVarsity

InterVarsity’s fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th each year.

If you are Green…

Each year my ministry account gets reset on July 1st. The clock starts over! You are in the green part of the donut most likely if you are a scheduled giver who contributes monthly. Greens are great because every month I get to see the results of your partnership with me. Thank you! Thank you for working me into your monthly giving budget. Most greens give not only to me, but several other causes as well. The consistency of your gifts helps me know I can keep doing this from year to year! Go Green!

If you are Gold…

Money savvy readers will realize that some Golds are just Greens as their gifts keep coming into the account. Fair enough. But you could also make the gold part of the donut by being an annual donor. Golds like to give in larger amounts – usually once a year. Many golds give around this time of the year because they plan their giving around the calendar year-end. If you’re gold, it’s helpful for you to get a reminder around now so you can transact your gift before calendar year end. Just hop on that link above and you’ll be taken to my donation page at InterVarsity. Thank you Gold!

Ok, about Blue…

Why does it seem like EVERY faith-ministry donut has a blue chunk? I long for the day when all I have is a Green-Gold donut to talk about in November. This isn’t that year. The blue chunk represents new support dollars I need to find before the end of my fiscal year come June 2022. Two things happened this past year in the blue zone. Covid wiped out about $8K from my support system. Some donors couldn’t or didn’t give due to their circumstances. Some of those donors have bounced back. Last year at this time, InterVarsity offered me a gift match to help recover those losses. The match filled in a deficit and helped me find 9 new donors! What looked like a very discouraging year, actually finished in the black in June.

This year I’ve got a blue chunk again but partly for a new reason. I think I have continued to lose some support since July 1st, but not at all like the previous months of the pandemic. I also have increased my budget to accommodate a much needed pay raise (my first since taking this job 4 years ago).

How can I help with your BLUE, Tim?

If you are a current donor and would like to increase your giving amount, that would be a terrific way to help me beat the blue! Consider a percentage bump of somewhere between 5 to 10 percent. If everyone in green/gold bumped their giving by even 5 percent, I’d almost be able to cover half of the gap.

If you haven’t been able to give to my budget, maybe you could start as a new donor in the coming calendar year. You can use that same link above to jump on my donation page and get started. I’ll also be working over the coming months to find new supporters. If you’re a Green/Gold and you know someone who might like to partner with InterVarsity by all means introduce me! I’d be happy to buy us all lunch and talk about it!

Thanks so much for your prayers and for your giving! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy a wonderful time with your family here at Thanksgiving. If we haven’t caught up in a while, drop me an email. Let me know how I can encourage you and pray for you!

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