I’m a Peregrino this week!

This box arrived about a week ago. A box like this always means a virtual conference is soon to follow. This week Graduate Faculty Ministries has its annual National Staff Conference. Usually we do this in Mundelein, Illinois at the University of St. Mary of the Lake each spring. Covid cancelled our event last year. Covid has virtualized our event this year.

This year, our staff team will participate in a Digital Camino as a part of our Virtual Mundelein. What is a Camino? I’m just learning about these myself. The Camino de Santiago is a spiritual pilgrimage taken on foot over a 500 mile trek -historically thought to be the very missionary itinerary of the Apostle James to the destination of Finisterra on the far northwestern coast of Spain.

“Traditionally, a peregrino (Spanish for pilgrim) would begin their journey to Santiago from their front door, eventually converging with one of several ancient pathways in northern Spain. On a Digital Camino, you can join the tradition via five audio-guided walks done on your own, accompanied by times of fun & reflection with fellow peregrinos.”

So a Digital Camino is a virtual experience undertaken by a home-bound peregrino through the use of a pod-cast. InterVarsity staff and students have done the actual Camino De Sontiago in connection with our study abroad programs. Many of them have become guides for peregrinos travelling digitally! Last summer over 400 GFM faculty members took part in the Digital Camino. This week, I’ll be doing my first!

If you have a few minutes, check out the orientation video. Let me know what you think! Pray for my 5 Camino walks this week and for God to meet GFM staff through this creative tool.

Be blessed and stay well!