New Team Member!

Kaleb, Sarah, Cecil and James

A definite highlight of mine this fall has been welcoming a new Provisional Appointee to our Central Area Team. In case you forgot how I joined staff 4 years ago, this is the process. A person first applies for staff, is interviewed and an offer for contingent employment is given. Then the fun begins! Our new staff member is called a Provisional Appointee and begins her fund-raising. As the funding process gains momentum, a PA actually transitions to employment when funding hits a sustainable level. My own provisional appointment lasted from Feb 2017 till September of that year when I was able to begin part time.

Welcome, Sarah!

Sarah Gregory is a Provisional Appointee in St. Louis, MO preparing to join GFM staff at Washington University.  She is an InterVarsity alum from DePauw University in Indiana where she received her undergrad degree in Vocal Music in 2013.  Sarah also completed her MA in Christian Education at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and has worked on church staff teams in the rolls of worship director and director of discipleship.  She has also freelance written and published in the area of family and children’s curriculum. Her and Kaleb met while at DePauw where he received his BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies.  Law school took them to the St. Louis area – Kaleb finished his JD at Wash-U in 2020. Sarah and Kaleb are parents of Cecil and James and are expecting another child in April 2022.

Click here to be taken to Tim’s donation page at InterVarsity

I’ll be doing Ministry Partnership Development training and coaching with Sarah from now till she’s funded. She’ll eventually settle into a 20 hour per week part time role working with two other GFM teammates at Wash-U. Sarah and Kaleb are already involved with law students through a small group that meets in their home. One further creative wrinkle about Sarah’s on-ramp to staff is that Kaleb’s work will be taking him to Pittsburg next year (starting in Aug 2022). He will be a clerking for a federal judge for a year-long term. They then plan to return to the St. Louis area. Yes, we do have GFM work in Pittsburg! We’re going to have to loan Sarah to the Midwest Region for a year. But we’ll get her back!

Please be in prayer for Sarah as she works on funding in the coming months. As you can tell she’s got her hands full as a young mom. She’s been working on her first support presentations for individuals and groups. Over the holidays the Gregorys plan to be back in Sarah’s hometown – partly for time with family and partly to share her ministry with church connections there. In those first weeks of making calls, setting up appointments and making support presentations it can be a roller-coaster spiritually and emotionally. Pray for God to connect her with generous and helpful people.

Thanks so much for your prayers. In these last posts of the year, I want to make sure you can find the link to my support page (above). Several people have been sending in their year-end giving. Thank you so much for your financial partnership!

Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing.

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