After 90 years, a new roof!

summer 19 roof collageI hesitate to include this, but it took such a huge bite out of my life this summer.  Our home was built in 1929.  From The Boiler Room where I write this blog to the attic three floors up, this house has stood firm under its original Ludowici tile roof for 90 years!  It was about time something happened.  Two consecutive summers of hail storms (and a homeowners insurance claim) have totalled the roof.  Scaffolding completely surrounded our house on July 8th.  On July 15th the old roof was torn off.  38 days later, the new roof is almost completed.  Composite shingle roofs on houses are typically replaced in two long workdays.

Building something to last isn’t quite what it used to be.  Yet, somehow Ludowici still makes the same shingles.  Same color.  Same size and shape.  Its sobering to think that not only did the last roof outlive everyone who installed it by decades, it will most likely outlive most new homes being built today.  That just blows my mind.  I know there’s a sermon somewhere for that illustration.  I’ll leave it up to the reader to reverse engineer as you like.  We’re really grateful.  It’s reassuring to know that if this roof lasts as long as the original, Silas will be 108 years old when it needs to be replaced!

More posts coming this week.

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One thought on “After 90 years, a new roof!

  1. Wow, Tim. That’s HUGE. Glad with you that the job is done!! Didn’t know any roof could last that long! Here’s to 108 for Silas!!


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