Ok! Where’d my summer go?

summer 19 family fun

When we were kids, us Perry boys would hunker down weekend afternoons to watch ABC’s Wide World of Sports.  “The thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat.”  Anyone remember the video clip that went with that?  A ski-jumper hops out on the steep ramp, accelerates downward, then…crashes off to the side.  Our summer has felt just about like that.  Moving fast down a steep hill.  Picking up speed every second.  But fortunately it turned out to be mostly thrill.  Not too much agony.  No crash at the end of the ramp!

The next couple of posts will catch you up so I can take you with me into a fresh semester.  Our summer was just about exactly what the Perry family needed.  Our Poppy deficit was critical – so good to spend time with Aaron and Savannah and our grand daughter.  It’s really hard to tell whose face lights up the brightest.  I think Poppy gets her unusually magnetic countenance from her Amma.  While they are almost too friendly individually, they’re definitely over the top when they are together.  Stand back if you’re around when Poppy and Cheryl first see each other after a few weeks apart!  Aaron, Sav and Poppy live in Urbana, Illinois where Aaron is a grad student in aerospace engineering.

Our daughter Phoebe also came home to celebrate Silas Perry Birthday-Week-Fest!  She caught a break from her performance schedule with the San Diego Ballet and flew back to the nest.  We took the birthday boy to the Nelson’s Produce Farm – Phoebe and Silas have worked for the Nelsons.  Employee reunion meets petting zoo.  Phoebe is the one getting smooched by the goat.

The other pics above – Silas and his date Kate headed to the Central High Prom.  They got to hang out a lot this summer.   Silas experienced Lake Okoboji with Kate’s family.  Cheryl and I are atop Sandia Peak looking 6.5K feet down on Albuquerque (another mile-high city).  What a gorgeous place!  Hung out a couple days with the St. Pierre family for a niece’s wedding.

We get refreshed by time with our family.  My travel and Cheryl’s endless school prep takes a toll on us.   We’re so grateful for several weeks of home.  We long to live close to all of our kids someday (which probably only happens in our dreams).  For the meanwhile we love it when they come back to roost.  Ten more weeks of summer, please!  BTW that was apparently Cheryl’s favorite shirt this summer.

If there’s something from your summer you need to let me know about, please email me!  We hope everyone on our support team has experienced more thrill than agony this summer.  If we’re somehow out of the loop please reach out!



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