I’m looking for a new staff member.

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That guy on the stairs – probably not a candidate!

Finding staff candidates for GFM is a big challenge.  It’s tempting to think they just “Grow on under-grad ministry trees.”  The orchards are R1 campuses where IV undergrad is thriving.  You show up, look for ripe fruit and coax a couple of experienced undergrad staff “to join the dark side.”  Honestly… it sometimes works.  I’m pretty sure I’ll need to try harder than that in this case.

At Washington University in St. Louis I am losing the part of my staff team that has been leading our Graduate Student Fellowship. This week I launched my first ministry trip of the fall to St. Louis and points in between.  I’m networking intensively now in hopes of filling the position later this academic year.  Between dark-o-clock Sunday morning and late Tuesday night I was able to meet with about 15 people mostly in St. Louis (also Columbia and Kansas City).  My appointments all started with the same line: “So, I’m looking for a new GFM staff member at Wash-U.  Can you help me network and discover potential candidates?”

I met with 5 Wash-U faculty members, 4 Wash-U students, a pastor, an alumni couple, two InterVarsity staff members and administrators at two seminaries.  I need connections, insight into what we need at Wash-U and further direction in the recruitment process for this important hire.  Here is the job opening as it appears on InterVarsity’s web-site.  If you have a minute to open this link I’d appreciate any feedback you may have for me – an idea or a person I should talk to.

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My staff couple, Ryan and Keli Weed, who have been leading the GSF (Graduate Student Fellowship) at Wash-U for the past 5 years, will be re-locating their family to the Nashville area.  The grad student group they leave behind is part of several InterVarsity groups at Wash-U including two faculty groups, an undergrad group and a ministry to international students.  Wash-U is also home to the Carver Project – see previous blogs.  It’s an important place to staff well because of the strategic nature of such an elite institution.  In addition to local and regional networking, I’m working with my Regional and National leaders to help the need be more visible.  Please pray for our recruiting efforts this year.  Let me know if you have input for us.

Email me here: tim.perry@intervarsity.org


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