New Support Dollars Needed.

year end financial updateThis might be my shortest blog in a while.  I’m even going to try to write shorter sentences.  The chart says most of what I need to.  Our fiscal year end is 11 days away.

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I’m incredibly grateful for those who have been giving to my ministry budget.  You are the 83% of my budget steadily coming in month after month, year after year.  Thank you.  Some of the 83 are people who have recently joined my support team.  Thank you!  Some of the 83 are donors who gave extra this year in light of the challenges some of us are experiencing raising our funding.

The Eleven

The next chunk of the donut is the fraction of my operating budget I needed to find (back in February).  Earlier this spring I was set on finding $12K in new support.  “I ought to be able to do that by June 30,” I remember thinking at the time.   I had some trips planned to talk with potential supporters.  Till March happened.

The Covid Gap

Since March a little over $6,000 has dropped out of my budget due to to Covid.  That’s not too much, really.  I was braced for more.  Donations may fall further before the economy recovers.  My total need is to find about $17,000 in new support throughout the coming year.  I’ve been working on making connections.  Since the pandemic, it’s been quite a bit more challenging to find funding.  I’d really appreciate your prayers.

June 30th

This will be the first June 30th I will not be carrying overage to the finish of the fiscal year.  What does InterVarsity do if your budget doesn’t balance?  In most cases staff carry their deficits forward into the next year.  I will most likely carry a $6-7K deficit into July and have to work on it next fiscal year.  Several donors have given one time gifts to help me with the shortfall.  If you’d like to join them I’d be so grateful.

Zoom Calls!

The thing that makes fund development a challenge in addition to the economy is the format we’re reduced to during the pandemic.  I vastly prefer meeting in person.  Pray for me to connect with people this summer and to be able to make a case for my funding via zoom sessions.  It’s not ideal.  But it’s the best we can do given the circumstances.  The Lord will provide I’m convinced.  Meanwhile we’d also appreciate your prayers for me and my team as we spend the next 2 months re-thinking how to re-start campus ministry.  Some of our campuses won’t be re-opening in August.  Ministry will be a hybrid of the virtual and the social-distanced-in-person.  These are really challenging times.  Thanks so much for praying!

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