Anyone want to join me?


been doing far too much of this by my lonesome self…

I’m curious if any of you would like to journey further with me into this theme of reconciliation.  There’s too much to process, isn’t there?  I have stuff happening here in Omaha I need to think about and respond to.  I’m wondering how adventuresome you might be.  Here are two things I’d like to do in the next couple of weeks.

A Watch Party.  And… a Book Discussion.

Are you a watcher or a reader?  I hope you’re more than both.  Honestly, both can be pretty passive depending on what you do with what you see and hear.  But reading and watching can be ways of jumping on a needed learning curve you may have been avoiding.  So, which would you rather do?  Let me give you the details and I’ll see if I get any takers.


A watch party!
I saw a live interview last week I think others might find helpful. It was hosted by Tommy Lee of Resource Global, a leadership development cohort for “young adults desiring to bring social and kingdom impact into the marketplace.”    The hour and 15 minute round table discussion focused on response to current tensions over Black Lives Matter and police brutality.  See details at this link on my Facebook.  I was drawn to the event when it caught my attention on the InterVarsity staff Facebook page.  With Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil on the panel I decided I had to watch it.  I’m going to watch it again exactly one week after the live event.

My watch party will be THIS THURSDAY JUNE 18th at 7:15pm Central

If you watch this on your own, you’ll enjoy it.  I’m asking you to watch it WITH ME! Watching in community with discussion happening takes your learning further.  A watch party is a way for “all of Tim’s friends and supporters” to experience something together.  I’ll have it up and ready to go on my Facebook page so anyone who can get to my page can watch (whether or not you’re on Facebook, whether or not your my Facebook friend!).  If you are a FB friend, you’ll get a notice on your page when I start the party.  I’ll also text you a link earlier in the day as a reminder!

Spoiler Alert:  My wife knows that I talk while I watch things (much like I write obnoxiously in the margins of my books).  Cheryl, I promise if anyone shows up, I’ll behave…

So…you’re a reader instead of a watcher?

Or maybe in addition to being a watcher?  Want to read a book with me?  I have been assigned to read Healing for Racial Trauma by  for my Region’s annual staff gathering next month (happening virtually not in person this year).

I have to have this book by the end of June. I’m wondering if you’d like to join me? People who will find the book most helpful of course are people who have experienced racial trauma. Honestly, I am reading it because I am a staff supervisor who wants to know how to care for staff, students and faculty members. I’m reading it to hopefully discover the kind of healing that I need as a person more likely to be the cause of racial trauma than the victim. You might be like me. I’m wondering if you’d like to help me read this. I get more out of a book when I can discuss it with others.

racial traumaSo how are we going to do the book discussion. How about we do it in TWO 45 MINUTE Zoom calls?  Give yourself a week to get the book.  Another week to read the first half and another couple of weeks to read the second half.  Here’s the table of contents and here are the two dates I’ll suggest for the zoom call.  They are both Sunday evenings.

healing from racial trauma TOCDid I mention that I want to send you the book free!  Yes.  Free.  You’ll have to email me and let me know you want it.  I can have it sent to you electronically or in paperback (I’ll need your address if I’m shipping it to you – your email will do if I’m sending it electronically).  I’m serious about this!  [Or you can order your own copy of Healing from Racial Trauma at IVP Online.]

Join me in learning!

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