Longing for Revival…in Orlando


Every three years InterVarsity holds a national gathering of all staff.  The 2030 Calling I’ve been writing about this past year began to take shape after the last such gathering three years ago.  This will be the first time our entire staff family has been together since then.  It will be my first SC since coming back on staff with InterVarsity.  The big question we’re going to tackle seems to be:  IF (big if) revival is the doorway God is taking us through to advance the mission, how then could we ready ourselves as a movement to welcome a work of the Holy Spirit like this?  Two quotes from our staff website about SC20:

“InterVarsity’s 2030 Calling directs us to see our campus mission field with fresh eyes, focusing on unreached corners and campuses. This calling is compelled by a holy discontent—thousands of students and faculty have little or no gospel-centered witnessing community on their campuses. It also is fueled by a holy longing—a yearning for campuses to experience a season of breakthroughs in word, deed, and power that usher in a new normal of kingdom experience and fruitfulness.”

“At Staff Conference 20 (SC20), we will seek the Lord for kingdom breakthroughs in our own lives and every corner of every campus. We will give our attention to preparing for revival, renewing our calling, and thriving together. We will meet the Lord in Scripture through John 13–17, Jesus’ Upper Room Discourse.  And we will worship with our brothers and sisters gathered from across the fellowship.”


Please be in prayer for us as we gather in Orlando, Florida later this week.  Here’s a schedule of our time together.  I’ll post an update or two  from the event.  We’ll be seeking God in a special day of prayer and fasting on Jan 4th.  Ask God to meet us and move in us in a new way.

Before the year ends…

Thanks so much to all who have been getting their year-end donations sent in.  In case you are one of those who likes to take care of things at the eleventh hour, here are two helpful links.

Click here to be taken to Tim’s donation page on InterVarsity’s website.

Click here to fill out my year-end ministry response form.

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Thanks so much!  Here’s to a bountiful 2020!

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