Did I just hear someone screaming?

92 percent graphMarch 2018 marks one year of working on my fundraising goal of $97,300.  I’m oh so close to having a year’s worth of funding either already donated or pledged.  As of today, $89,630 has been committed.  I’ve also been on payroll with InterVarsity since September and am earning about 85% of my full pay.  Let me just stop and say how grateful I am for everyone who has helped me get here.  I could barely think about where this was headed a year ago!

I have two milestones yet to accomplish with funding.  1- I do still need to get to 100% of my annual budget in order to begin working my full job description.  My supervisor is paid not to budge on that!  2- I now need to reassess some of those early jump-start funds people gave me asking the question, “Is there enough on-going giving to sustain my budget into the future?”

When I first started working this Piktochart, I figured I could get to full budget with about 61 donors.  Seems a bit random though it made sense at the time.  You can tell from the numbers that this pretty much did bear out. Well, almost.  I’ll likely need more than 6 new givers to make full budget.  I’ll also need to supplement some of those jump-start gifts with new monthly and annual donors.  How much longer might that take?

Please keep praying for my funding to firm up.  I’m so encouraged with where I’m at.  I’m soooo close! Help me find my “Finish-Line” donors who’ll push me to 100%.  I’m so grateful for where I’m at – but I’m really not where I have to be yet.  Some evening soon you’ll be out on a walk in the warm spring air and you’ll hear a lunatic shouting for joy in the distance.  That would be the sound of me making full budget.

Be blessed.
Be well.

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