Veritas Forum this week at KU.

VF Mary Poplin KU

Wanted to get a few details to you about this week’s event.  The Graduate & Faculty group at Kansas University in Lawrence is sponsoring their first Veritas Forum.    Dr. Mary Poplin who I introduced you in a previous post is speaking at a couple of events.  Please pray for our GFM staff member there Jake Evans.  Jake has been coordinating all the effort to bring Dr. Poplin.  Check out the KU’s InterVaristy GFM Facebook page for the details.

veritas forum ku event

I had a quick conversation with Jake yesterday.  Dr. Poplin will be speaking at a Faculty Luncheon at noon this Thursday before the public event on campus at 7:00pm.  Pray for terrific attendance and for Dr. Poplin to connect well with her audience.  Jake is hopeful that the event will be a huge encouragement to the GFM fellowship.  Pray for people who attend the event to land in follow-up events and groups after the week wraps up.  Dr. Poplin will also at a local church Friday morning for a question/answer session.

If you know someone at KU that you’d like to put in touch with Jake, he can be reached through the Facebook page or email him at


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