Off and running with my new team.

Welcome to the Perry Boiler Room for those of you who might be reading this for the first time.  PBR is a quiet place for me to share my life and work with friends, family and stakeholders.  The blog has been up and running for few months now, but at any point if want to backtrack through earlier posts feel free to catch up.

south central rsc 01

Since March I’ve been collecting team mates for a new chapter in my life – Graduate Faculty Ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  Many of you are new to IVCF having joined my timeline somewhere in the past 11 years.  Many of you have been through this with me before.  Whichever part you’ve played, please know that on the brink of my first official month of employment with InterVarsity I am so grateful for your presence in my life!  The last 15 months have been quite an adventure.  You’ve blessed me and my family far more than you realize.

On Sept 16th, my supervisor decided that our funding was looking strong enough to begin employment at 3/4 time.  I’ll be on payroll but not allowed to work my full job description till I’m at 100% of my budget.  100% means all the resources for a year’s worth of budget are either in the coffers or pledged.  As of today I’m at about 68% and hoping to find the rest in time to start the full job, full time in January.

GFM South Central

The chunk of GFM I’m joining is blue above – that’s the South/Central Region.  The chunk of the chunk I’m preparing to supervise is the Central Area Team.  Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.  Currently there are seven of us GFM staff in these four states.  Lots of room for growth.  More on my team in coming posts.  God is doing terrific things among med students at University of Iowa, faculty and internationals in the “little apple” (K-State),  a Veritas Forum is coming this spring at Kansas University in Lawrence while a thriving faculty ministry is happening at Wash-U in St. Louis.

This summer I got my first look at “them” at a regional staff conference in Nashville.  About 30 of us across the 17 state region gathered for 4 days of training and networking.  I’m honored to be a peer with such gifted, bright and experienced staff and look forward to learning from them in the years ahead.

Thanks so much for helping me get here.  As I sit in the boiler room banging in this post please know how grateful I am for you and your family.  Thank you for checking in with me countless times these past 15 months.  Thanks for praying for me, coaching me and encouraging me.  Thanks for welcoming me to this new space I now call my vocational home.  Feel free to hit the comment button and leave me a thought or two – or send me an email if you’d rather.

Be blessed.

Be well.

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Nashville…famous for its music and lively night life on Broadway Street!  Where else can you walk in and sample a $12K guitar…



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