Can I push the 1/0 button yet?

sixty percent

We all love the feeling of getting a new gadget, pulling it out of the box for the first time and plugging it in.  Then there’s that tiny little hesitation right before you reach for the ON/OFF switch.  Click…  “Awesome!  I’m such a genius for purchasing this device.  It even works.”

That is exactly where I’m at with this GFM thing.  I’m so close I can smell it, taste it, touch it.  But I can’t push that shiny green button till I’m another 10 percent toward my full budget.  Once I’m at 70% I can actually begin as an InterVarsity Graduate Faculty Ministries employee.

Here’s the link to my giving page online if you’re excited and want to help me get there.  Many thanks to the 28 people who’ve gotten me this close.  I’m so grateful for your help!

1/0 …  I’m coming for you.


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