Parting w. a trusted friend!

As I write you this Friday afternoon, I have sad news for you. In past posts, you’ve heard me rant about my 2004 Honda Accord. Staff members who travel a lot forge a bond with their favorite vehicles. I’ve put about a billion highway miles on a wide variety of cars in my 24 years of ministry with IV. A few of my OG’s over the years?

  • 84 Ford Tempo ( driven 11 years, died of old age)
  • 91 Chevy Lumina (driven 11 years, retired at Cedar Campus)
  • 97 Honda Accord (driven 4 years, Bambi the suicide Honda-Bomber)
  • 04 Honda Accord (driven 11 years, collision on I-70)

Make what you will of the 11 year life-span trend! Two weeks ago yesterday I was traveling to St. Louis and caused a serious rear-end collision on I-70 just outside the city. Another great ride has come to an end! The weekend event I headed there to lead is what my next couple of posts will be about. I just thought it was a moment I should hover over and thank the Lord for. Thankful for thousands of safe highway miles over the many years of interstate travel my job has involved. Thankful for good cars. Thankful for safe cars even in collisions!

I would love it if you’d pray for that little cracked spot you can see in my chest in the image above – my cat Aspen knows right where it’s at! I broke my sternum! Broken sternums really hurt! I’m so grateful for Cheryl’s family who came to my aid in St. Louis. The accident happened at about 5;15pm. My nephew Will was able to come help me empty out my Accord and take me to the urgent care. Urgent care sent me on to a trauma center at St. Louis U Hospital. Thankful for lots of attentive doctors and medical staff who checked me over.

Please pray for my recovery. I’m back home getting things done. Still “no rust and running great” just a little slower and no bike-rides for a while. Tying to keep my 24 hour total dosage of Acetaminophen to 4,000 mg or less. Pray for my sleep. Pray for my humiliation and learning – that I would be safer more attentive driver in the future.

I’ll be in touch with you soon on recent ministry happenings. It’s been a very full month of April! There’s lots to catch you up on. Have a terrific weekend!

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