Collegiate Day of Prayer Simulcast Tonight – 7pm

A brief reminder here about the National Collegiate Day of Prayer event. Here’s the link to the event on their website. This year’s event hosted on the campus of Asbury University. I plan to watch and participate tonight. If you didn’t catch my previous post it might be good to glance at it. The event starts at 7:00pm Central time.

Click here to find the link for the simulcast on the CDOP website.

This isn’t the first time God as worked a similar awakening among students through prayer. Here’s a good read available from IVP in electronic format. An interesting quote from Chapter 8 (recalling the Asbury awakening of 1970).

Unlike the uprising at Columbia, which was mainly marked by accusation, the movement at Asbury was especially marked by confession. In fact, the awakening was later described as a “spiritual phenomenon of integrity,” as person after person humbly confessed specific areas of sin and failure in their lives, things that held them back from following Jesus and caring for others. During those unusual days at Asbury, it seemed as if sin was simply out of place. For 185 hours, the chapel service in Hughes Auditorium kept going. When a reporter finally approached the president of Asbury, Dennis Kinlaw, and asked him to explain what was happening, Kinlaw simply replied, “Well, you may not understand … but the only way I know how to account for this is that last Tuesday morning … Jesus walked into Hughes Auditorium, and He’s been there ever since.”

Let me know your responses to the event! What awareness is there of prayer movements in your context? What is God doing near you?

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