RE- (inductive bible study series)

It’s been really rewarding to see these study guides on the theme of redemption come together this year. Below is the first time I’ve put all ten of them in one place so they can be browsed! I’ve been writing these things since July 2021! I’ve used them in study groups this past year. Feel free to use them! Steal them. Make them your own. I wrote them using this blog as my work-space, so there’s a lot of good stuff packed in there. You’ll find at least three things in each study: a blank manuscript of the passage you can download and work with, some back-ground information that will help you mine the passage, and a surplus of inductive study questions you or a group can use to discuss it in a learning community. Click around. Send me your questions. If you want more input on how to mark-up a manuscript be sure to read the first couple of studies. IF you mark up a manuscript and want to share it on the blog, email it to me and I’ll post it! I dare you…

If you missed the report from my staff retreat, you’ll find it in the post next door. It’s a video this time! I hope you have a terrific weekend!

RE-01Ezra 3 introRestart: beginning again with nothing
RE-01Ezra 3:1-13Restart: beginning again with nothing
RE-02Isaiah 61 introRenew: righteousness and justice are coming
RE-02Isaiah 61:1-11Renew: righteousness and justice are coming
RE-03Hosea 1-3Reclaim: retrieved again from idols
RE-04Psalm 25Release: getting unstuck
RE-05Matt 5:1-16Reframe: being the right kind of person
RE-06Matt 5:17-6:4Reframe: getting back to right living
RE-07Mark 3:1-21Reclaim: belonging to the right owner
RE-08Mark 5:21-42Restore: made well again
RE-09John 3:1-21Reborn: made alive again
RE-10Revelation 21-22Conclusion: all things made new

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