Praying for Ukraine

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If you’re looking for ways to support Ukraine, here are a couple of recommendations. Pray. And see if you can connect with Ukrainians in your vicinity. Just yesterday Cheryl attended two outdoor gatherings of support hosted by local Ukrainians. In fact each Saturday at 1:00pm, people have been collecting at 72nd and Dodge.

“It was really a great environment of affirmation, standing with local people who have connections with their family members back in Ukraine. I met several people who were so glad I came and offered to help hold flags and banners. I want to head out there every Saturday I can, so I can get reconnected with the same people and make some new friendships.” -Cheryl.

Later last night another crowd appeared at the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. “It was amazing – very cold weather – but I saw many of the same people as earlier in the day and they remembered me!” Cheryl would encourage you based on her (one afternoon of) experience, to just get out in your own community, find Ukrainians and start learning about them. Looking for ways to support them.

Praying for Ukraine

Another friend of mine on staff with GFM posted the following article from The Beeson School of Divinity. Anton is a seminarian at Beeson. He’s Russian. His wife Daria is Ukrainian. He has a compelling vision of what it means to pray, realizing that because of Christ we BELONG TO ONE ANOTHER in a powerful way. Prayer bullets are below, but I’d highly recommend reading the full article at this link.

Taken from Anton’s article:

“So what can you do? Some of these prayer requests have been shared with me by the natives of Ukraine.

  • Reach out to the Ukrainian people that you have come into contact with, and love them.
  • Pray for the civilians, that the Lord would spare their lives.
  • Pray for the soldiers who are defending the Ukrainian land.
  • Pray for Christians that they would make wise and God-honoring decisions in extreme situations.
  • Pray for comfort and peace for mothers who are caring for little children while their husbands are drafted.
  • Pray for safe evacuation for those who decide to move.
  • Pray for the elderly who decide to stay.
  • Pray that people outside Ukraine would continue to have communication with their loved ones inside the country.
  • Pray that Ukraine would receive international help.
  • Pray for basic physical needs, for food, water, gas, heat, baby goods.
  • If you would like to give, there are plenty of resources where you can donate online.”

Let me know what you’re learning from supporting Ukrainians in your community.

(Thanks go to David Suryk for bringing the Beeson article to our attention!)

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