Student Ministry in Ukraine

Regional Emergency Fund click here

InterVarsity as many of you know belongs to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students – a worldwide family of similar evangelical student movements. I wanted to let you know where you could connect to stay informed and give to regional needs. The link in the caption above will take you to the giving page where a fund is being publicized. Look for this image to scroll by in the banner. If you’d like to learn more about the IFES, you can visit their website here.

Follow this link to read a message from Tim Adams, IFES General Secretary on responding to the crisis in Ukraine. We would long for your prayers on their behalf. Thank you!

Our first IFES summer trip on staff w InterVarsity – Vienna, July 1990

One of the very best ways to begin any ministry career! Cheryl and I along with two of our teammates from Downstate Illinois visited the IFES staff team in Vienna then staffed outreach projects in Cambridge, England and Arhus, Denmark.

A very young, very lovely Cheryl St. Pierre Perry – Oxburgh Hall, England

Thank you for your prayers for student ministry!

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