Don’t forget Iowa!

Let’s wrap up the fall travelogue with this post. My third trip was to the schools in Iowa where we have GFM staff. Iowa State in Ames was a shorter stop. Lunch at Aunt Maude’s with Tom and a faculty member friend of his. Tom and Don are collaborating on a Veritas Forum event with Dr. John Lennox they hope to bring to Ames next spring. More on Tom, and his friend, and on Veritas Forum in a coming post.

Kevin Kummer and two of his student leaders, Dylan and Soumya

My other campus is the University of Iowa in Iowa City. I got to enjoy significant time with my staff colleague Kevin and his students out in front of The Java House. I think I’ve mentioned Java House and Heirloom Salad Company, in a previous post. We had a delightful lunch with Dylan and Soumya. Each week Kevin leads the Impact Group (bible study) and each month these two student leaders lead First Friday (large group meeting). You can get a feel for some of the group snooping InterVarsity GCF at U Iowa on Facebook. They’ve been featuring different students each month in a thing they call What’s Your Story?

We were studying Daniel chapter 3 with Saera and Ufuoma. How do we respond to the constant pressure of our culture to make money and possessions an idol? What did Daniel and his three friends model that we can pattern our lives after? Kevin ended the study with a prayer from what looked like a very old IVP book!
Saera and Ufuoma mining Daniel 3

“Lord, what big people are your saints! Or is it that we are most of us so small?

I wonder what are the links, the connections, between heroic faithfulness in crisis -paying the highest price and faithfulness in my domesticated latter-day discipleship? ‘As now, so then,’ Hudson Taylor used to say: What am I preparing now in strength of will, habits of obedience, willingness to suffer, if such a call came to me?

Such calls do come. They are there daily in the newspapers, sometimes not far from home. Courage, Lord, seems for them an aspect of faith. To those who trust you you give what is needed: with the danger will come the courage.

After all, Lord, you know all about it. You are no stranger to ‘the highest price’. May your suffering evoke my loving; may my loving inspire true faithfulness; not only for unknown tomorrows but for today. Amen.”

Timothy Dudley Smith

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