Hosea… or not?


So today I’m just putting this out here on the blog with no push notification. That means readers will on their own have to scroll down here to read this. It was so good for me to process this particular study in the series I’m developing. If haven’t noticed yet, I’m writing a series of bible studies on God RE-making, RE-newing and RE-building what the world manages to to tear apart. I’ve made a map for the RE- series that includes 12 stopping points in scripture. This week I’ve reached the first point in these studies that has given me pause – can I really take people here? Hosea, the prophet of God told to marry a prostitute!

When you realize that Hosea isn’t about adultery as much as it is idolatry, then the challenge seems somehow different. Adultery always sizzles! But no one really seems to want to talk about idols. I convinced myself today in my quiet time that we really should delve into Hosea as precarious as I’m sure it will turn out to be. In this post I reveal a few of my musings and the basic argument that convinced me. Hosea should be a RE- moment we look into because idol-making is more toxic and destructive than we realize. After we get further into the story you can tell me if you agree!

By the way these are just shots from my front porch quiet time journaling this morning. Enjoy.

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