What’s the first thing you think of…

…when you see a picture like this? “I want to be there.” “That has to be Ireland…”

InterVarsity’s study abroad program has developed a growing number of pilgrimage experiences that have sent InterVarsity staff and students to places like Finisterra, Spain. Achingly beautiful places. And equipped with very little gadgetry of what I’d call Christian tourism. Commissioned instead to walk, learn, and do mission.


What are you doing in your quiet times with God these days? Can we offer you something different in the month of May? Follow the link above for all the details. The Via Divina is a virtual pilgrimage you can engage from the comfort of your own community and on your own schedule.

What are the critical pieces of the experience?

  • Two walks a week at your own pace and on your schedule.
  • Podcasts you listen to while on your walks.
  • Guided spiritual exercises to help you engage God in your surroundings.
  • Great questions for you to reflect on.
  • Access to a community of fellow pilgrims doing the same thing.

Starting the week of May 14th, my staff team will be doing the Celtic Way together. We’ll each soak up the pod-casts while we go on our walks. I’ll try to keep in mind that I’m walking somewhere in Nebraska, not Ireland. And here’s a further perk – because we’re doing it virtually, its easy to make available to you as well.

As a ministry partner, or a donor, or an InterVarsity alumn, or volunteer – you are invited to sign up and take advantage of the Celtic Way. The cost is pretty cheap… And if you let me know you’re doing it, we’ll find a way to connect during the four weeks of the Celtic Way (May 14th thru June 11th). Everything you need to know is at the link above. There’s an eye-catching video that takes less than 2 minutes to watch. Careful – it will ruin you for wanting to travel.

More one the Celtic Way in the weeks ahead. Back to my back-yard office. It’s actually about as nice as it can possibly be in Nebraska today (sunny and 83 at the moment).

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