So, how’s the Perry family been doing?

Savannah, Aaron and Poppy. Cheryl and Tim. Silas and Haleigh. Phoebe and Ryan

Our crew is doing really well these days. We’re all enjoying good health – got to spend a few days together over the holidays in southern California. And yes…it looks like we may be adding to our tribe. Definitely more on that later! Let’s just say we’re maybe going to all be together again later in the calendar year… maybe in a warmer setting… after Covid has loosened it’s grip a little more. Stay tuned. That’s all I can say for now!

Quick updates: Aaron, Savannah and Poppy live in Camarillo, California (in the L.A. area) about half an hour from the coast. Aaron is in his first year with an aero-space company after graduating last May. Poppy turns 3 this April. Phoebe and Ryan also live in California – Phoebe dances for the San Diego Ballet and is opening her own massage therapy business. Silas is here in Omaha – knocking out his first year of Computer Engineering at the University of Nebraska. There’s a certain girl in these pictures he is VERY serious about. Cheryl is finally working just one job! She’s full-time with Omaha Bridges out of Poverty and really loves being a facilitator.

The Pacific ocean attracts birds that eat small fish. And then there’s Nebraska – you might just have a red-tail hawk eating a squirrel in your back-yard. We’ve had tons and tons of snow this winter – just got another 7 inches dumped on us one week ago today! Just about when I could shovel it no longer we’ve had a break in the temperatures.

Random other things I’m so grateful for these days: a date with my wife to enjoy Ranky Tanky at the Holland…Charlton Singleton’s horn… Quiana Parler’s vocals and their Gullah tunes! My youngest is just killin it all the way around – terrific job in school, working an internship at Union Pacific, and getting to know this beautiful young woman he met last summer at Camp Rivercrest.

And yes… as painful as this looks (actually just catching my breath and stretching), I’m enjoying a renewed interest in cycling! Nebraska has given us a handful of 50 degree days in January and February. I’ve taken advantage of all of them for rides on my mountain bike. Can’t wait to get the road-bike involved in the fun (too many snow-melt puddles out there still). Spring, please keep it coming! Winter and Covid…we’ve had quite enough, thank you!!

One thought on “So, how’s the Perry family been doing?

  1. Great stuff Tim. I’m so happy to hear of all that God is doing in Silas’s life!! He deserves this. I know that much growth and wisdom will result.

    Y’all are have survived Covid very well so far. It’s impressive. I get my vaccines 3/3 and again on 3/31.

    I’m so happy I’ve found a way to join your list of supporters.

    Keep your cards & letters coming!!


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