There’s no story here!

So how can you keep harping on Ruth, Tim, when it’s such a humble plot? Plot has to sizzle! Once you realize this is a story about a widow who has had everything taken away from her, displaced from her homeland, with an extremely grumpy attitude… what’s left?

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Here at the end of perhaps the suckiest year I’ve ever survived I give you Linson Daniel, our retreat speaker from Regional staff conference, preaching Ruth chapter 2 and 3. Go where God is at work. Do the work that is there. Watch what God does.

So, Tim, I’m not exactly in the market for another sermon, Thank you…

I’m so glad you pointed that out. But trust me. You need to listen to what Linson has to say in this message. If Covid has unraveled your sense of God’s presence and mission in your life, you need to follow Ruth’s example of GOING. “Get Going!” is what Ruth would tell you if you’re stuck, displaced, and throbbing from losses. God is already present. God’s word has already created a context of safety for the risks you feel you need to take. God is there and working himself. Go!

Click here to watch Linson’s talk! Do it!

So one last reminder here if you’re waiting to the bitter end to either send a gift or let me know what your 2021 plans are. The links are above. Hope that you are enjoying the last few days of the year with loved ones you can safely gather with. Let’s hope and pray for a better 2021! Thanks so much for your prayers and support this year!

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