Your ministry partnership.

Many of you know where this post is headed even before you read it! Every ministry out there (like Tim’s InterVarsity thing) is trying to get your attention at the end of the year. So let me knock this out quickly! I know you’re busy and like the rest, contending with a thick layer of Covid-induced weirdness!

First, gratitude.

Thanks so much for all those out there reading my posts, thinking about Graduate Faculty Ministries and praying for our work. You are the proverbial Aaron and Hur of our mission – Exodus 17. Nothing of significance can happen without God’s unique empowerment of our work. That happens when you pray.

Second, more gratitude.

Our work happens when (and only if) it’s supported by donations. The fact that you and others steward your resources to include InterVarsity IS absolutely vital to our mission. When (and only if) resources are present, staff like me are freed up to run zoom staff meetings, pray together with faculty and student leaders, study the bible together in online communities and do the many things we’re called to do in spite of covid’s limiting impact. Thank you! Thank you for including us in your giving budget. Thank you for sacrifices you may be making in order to send donations. Thank you for moving Graduate Faculty Ministry forward through your giving.

Last thing. Would you please give me 3 minutes?

Click here to be taken to Tim’s 2021 Ministry Partnership response form.

It’s extremely helpful to know how you’d like to partner with me in the coming year. To do that as quickly and paperlessly as possible, would you be willing to bounce over to the google form and fill it out? I realize life is probably crazy right now, but this is really the best time of the year to bug you about this.

I’m really helped by knowing…

  • How would you like to hear from me – do you prefer texts or email?
  • How you’d like to partner with me financially if you know that at this point.
  • Any changes in your contact information.
  • The names of people you know who would be good for me to network with.

This year especially I need to find two kinds of people: EITHER people who could begin some form of financial support, OR people currently giving who could increase their support some- even just a 10% bump. That might sound crazy given the pandemic we’re experiencing. But my reality is that 2020 has been a difficult year of losing support financially. I’m making some progress on finding new donors, but not fast enough. Increases from existing donors is also a way of stabilizing ministry for me. If your response involves sending a gift now, click here to be taken to Tim’s donation page at InterVarsity. If you need help with that, just fill out the ministry response form for now. Thanks!

Please pray for my ministry budget this coming year. Most immediately I’m trying to wipe out a deficit that has crept into my 2020 numbers (see previous post). Pray for me to find new sources of support. Of course pray (like we’re already praying) that the pandemic would grind to a stop, the economy would recover, and we could all get back to a “better normal” than we’re living now!

Here’s what the top of the Google-form looks like when you click thru.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you. I’ll repost this form throughout December in case you can’t get to it right now.

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