From Viral to Virtual

As COVID 19 has come to the U.S. and taken over, InterVarsity has essentially went virtual with all our people to people interaction.  Staff teams aren’t gathering for meetings.  Supervisors aren’t traveling to campuses.  Students and Faculty aren’t in the same room with each other much less at prayer or bible study gatherings.  Yet, COVID 19 hasn’t stopped community from happening in InterVarsity.  It hasn’t stopped disciple-making conversations, bible studies, prayer gatherings or even large group meetings!  The viral has forced the virtual.

I’d like you to do two things with this blog.  Both can happen at the link I’ve posted at the very bottom.  First, click through till you get to this page:

james choung covid response

Give James Choung a listen describing some of the changes we’re experiencing.  Scroll down, click a few links and check out what online ministry is looking like these days.  You might find something helpful for your ministry context.  On this painful shared journey of corona shutting things down, life IS still opening up for people willing to carve out some new patterns.  Are you one of those people re-inventing a new normal?  InterVarsity staff, students and faculty are.  Pray for us and join us as we beat this bug back into the corner and press forward into the kingdom of Jesus!  When pathogens go viral, we go virtual!

Assignment #2

Come on out to Large Group tomorrow night 7:00pm Central time!  YES, you heard right – this is your invitation to not just read about it.  You can experience it as well.  Scroll down to were you see InterVarsity Live.

intervarsity live

You’ll need to hit the register button on the web-page and give them an email address.  In turn you’ll be sent a link.  That’s your admission to the online large-group meeting tomorrow night.  Hope you can make it!  Here’s the link that will take you to the page.  You’ll land first on a page inviting you to bless InterVarsity with a special gift to help cope with the effects of the pandemic.  Feel free to click on through that to the web page:

Ministering Digitally Through COVID 19

Thanks for checking it out!  Maybe I’ll see you at Large Group!

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