PBR = Perry Boiler Room

Pretty simple post here announcing a new banner for the blog.  There are lots of things PBR probably can stand for.  From now on at the blog, it’s shorthand for Perry Boiler Room.


In case some of you are new to the blog and just don’t get it, here’s how it got its name.  The Boiler Room is basically the command control center of the Perry household.  My office and library are down here in the basement.  It’s where I light my candle, have quiet times, pray, fast and fill journals.  Its where all hot water and radiator heat is stoked.  It’s also where 100 minutes of free weights and Nordic Track happen three times a week.  Where brainstorms spawn and roam free on my 12 foot long white-board.  And… where Aspen edits all my work!

old vrs new banner pbr

Enjoy the new look!

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