Ministry Support Update – please reply.

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It is that time of the year.  Everyone in a support-raising ministry or non-profit is reaching out letting you know how things are going… and what the current funding needs are.  This is that letter.  If you want to skip some of the details and head straight for the response form – you know the drill!

This is the fist time in three years I’m requesting everyone who reads perryboilerroom to give me feedback.  We’ll get in the groove of doing this each Nov/Dec moving forward.  In the old days this was quite a project!  Stamps, envelopes and response cards.  It led to papercuts on the lips, tongue and fingertips!  Now all you need is this convenient link:

Click here to be taken to my ministry partnership response form.  

It’s a google form.  You’ll know you’ve landed in the right place when you see this:

upgrade response form

Here’s the skinny:

  1. In 2020 I need to raise an individual budget of $103K (Area Director’s budget below).  That covers my salary, benefits, overhead and some travel costs.
  2. Currently I have 68 active donors giving 85% of my budget.  That means I’m trying to find about $16,000 in new support.
  3. I’m hoping new support will come partly from new donors and partly from increases in giving from current donors.

When you go to fill out the response form, would you consider helping me increase my funding?  If you are giving monthly would you think about a small boost in the amount of your donations (maybe by 10-20%)?  Please let me know what you decide on the response form.  I’ll make sure you get the link to my donation page (also below).  Monthly donors can also just add a One-Time year-end donation to their monthly giving.  Use the google form to tell me what you want to do.


If you are an annual donor and haven’t given yet in 2019, now is a great time to do that.  If you can increase the amount 10-20% over last year’s donation that would be terrific!

If you’re like me, you may need to keep your budget where it’s at.  If you’ve been giving and need to keep your donations the same – just indicate that on the response form.

If you’ve been getting updates for the past couple of years but haven’t been able to support financially – maybe this could be a good time for you to begin monthly support or send in a one time donation.

If you’re old school and need a Business Reply Envelope to send a donation – add that information in the last box of the response form and make sure I have your street address.  Far be it from me to stand in the way of a fresh paper-cut!

Many of you are familiar with InterVarsity’s donation website.  Once you’ve sent me your response form, feel free to head over there if you need to send a new donation or change your current giving level.  Please email me if you’re having difficulty working the web page.

I’m so grateful for your partnership.  I can definitely tell I’m no longer on my ministry on-ramp.  I am immersed in  my job description and feeling the full weight of GFM ministry.  It’s a tougher job than I remember having on the undergrad side of things 13 years ago!  Thank you for getting me to this plateau!

In the coming days I’ll post a few other thoughts about ministry partnership.  I’ll keep a few reminders in front of you – I know its a very busy time of the year!  I would really love to hear from you.

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case budget page dec 2019

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