Newsworthy this week…


Going to be very brief in this post.  This is the thick of my ministry calendar with road trips every week for 4 straight weeks.  Here are a few upcoming events that might be of interest to you.  I’d really appreciate your prayers – especially for Jake’s event at KU in two weeks (see links below) and for my travel.  My four state territory has been a recent favorite of blizzards!

Collegiate Day of Prayer

If you can participate in your locale jump on board!  I’ll be at K-State in Manhattan on Thursday.  Here’s a short video on the history behind the day of prayer movement.  Pray for InterVarsity staff teams and students groups all over the US as we’ll be praying this Thursday on our nation’s campuses.  Check out the EveryCampus website here for details on participating.  At Urbana thousands of students signed up to prayer walk their campuses this year!

Ian Hutchinson at KU – March 7th

Please be in prayer for Jake Evans – GFM staff member at KU in Lawrence.  KU is hosting a Veritas Forum with MIT Plasma-Physicist Ian Hutchinson.  Details are on the posting below as well as at this link.  If you are curious about Dr. Hutchinson here is a video interview with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.  He talks about his science as well as his Christian faith.

veritas KU Hutchinson

Here are the details on the event itself.  Please pray for Jake’s collaboration on campus as they get the word out in academic departments among faculty and grad students.  We’ll be in touch in between the blizzards!  Thanks for your prayers and support.



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