Tim’s support update.

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Carrie officially handed me my team a month after this retreat.

Each year IV staff are among the masses of faith-based not-for-profits wanting to connect with you about financial support.  Thank you so much for being one of those people who stops.  Reads.  Considers your part.  We’re all so grateful for what you do to make a difference in a world full of need.  Whether it’s the university, your Church, your community or the world, you are a critical piece of that engine that empowers good in the name of Jesus all over the globe.  Thank you.  My hope for you is that giving is a joy that leaves you closer to the God who is the giver of all good things.  I also hope you can spend a few minutes with this blog post letting me catch you up with some of my needs.

(Please note below there are a couple of links to use for replying to this post.  Note also that I will be sending the link to this post two times to ensure you get a chance to read it.)


Ancient greeks used a word for the shape of the path an object travels when thrown.  The curved arc is called a parabola.  Humanity watches parabolas endlessly.  Kids throwing rocks to see whose goes the farthest.  Bored office workers take turns seeing who can hit the trash can from three-point-land with wadded up requisition forms.  A volleyball setter is an inbound/outbound parabolic architect if she’s any good at all.  The greeks also used a derivative of this word to describe the idea of trajectory in storytelling.  A parable is a narrative tossed out to see if a crowd could follow it and maybe catch it’s meaning.

My experience of coming back to InterVarsity is like a parable with an arc.  It’s like I’ve been shot out of a cannon and am floating through the air along a slowly curving path (in front of an audience holding its breath).  Being in the cannon when it went off wasn’t nearly as fun as the circus makes it seem.  But when you stand back a bit you can see what’s happening.

The info graph below is an attempt to capture where I’ve come from.  And where I’m hopefully headed.  Looking back on the first few months I was amazed at how quickly the resources came in to get me started.  It was such an affirmation for people give so readily and generously.  “If this is where I’m at a split second after the powder ignites, I think I’ll make it.”  Thanks so much to all who gave during that first year.  If you only knew the sense of gravity your partnership overcame!  I’d been attending InterVarsity GFM staff meetings for month upon month.  It felt so good to lead my team in a retreat back in May.  In July I reached full-time hours/pay and was officially handed the team.

That was then, this is now.

As I’m midway into my second fiscal year, I’m seeing a definite need for more work on my funding.  After months of not thinking much about the dollars, I just completed a quick projection to see what will be needed between now and next June 30th.  My second year’s budget is right at $101 K.  The biggest concern I have is the significant amount of jump-start funding people gave me during my first year that won’t repeat this year.  Check out the bottom half of the piktochart.

2018-19-5c-20mi_34520385The people currently giving annual and monthly donations make up a pretty strong core of support I can count on.  The challenge is replacing about $25 K that many of my early donors gave to get me started.  That was terrific when it was donated.  Over time though it needs to get replaced with annual and monthly giving.  Currently I have roughly equal numbers of annual donors and monthly donors (on the left at the bottom).  Replacing last year’s one-time donations and adding enough to reach a slightly bigger budget means I’m looking for more donors and more sustaining dollars.  I’d like to find about 10 annual donors who could make up the jump-start dollars.  I’d also like to keep finding more $100 per month donors.

Helping Tim stay on his path:

When I started this back in 2017 I told myself, “I just don’t want to constantly bury people in paper mail.  The printing, folding, stamping and dangerous paper-cuts.”  I found a way to keep my news as paperless as possible.  But I am searching for a good tool for donors to reach out to me with their questions and plans.  At some point I’m going to have to use paper in order to get to every last type of donor on my team.  But for the sake of you reading this, here’s what I’m asking:

1- If you’d like to make a one-time year-end donation to help me reach my budget that would be greatly appreciated.  Just hit on the link immediately below.  If you would like to begin monthly donations or change the amount you give online, you can use that same donations web-page.  You’ll know you’re on the right page when you see my picture.

2- Feel free to let me know what your support plan for the coming calendar year is.  Just drop me a quick email.  You can use the second link below or email me at tim.perry@intervarsity.org

3- If you’ve been receiving updates automatically but would like that to stop, either text me at (402) 709-7911 or email me below.

Click here to be taken to my donations page at InterVarsity

Click here to email Tim with any update you’d like him to have about your support.

Last thing here, I promise.  If you would rather receive updates via links sent to your e-mail (instead of text notifications) email me at the above link/address.  I can change you over to email (sometimes much easier to read on the device you get your mail through versus the cell phone).

Thank you so much for partnering with me!

2018.06.13_0279_Matt Kirk_small

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