If you’re curious about GFM

Thought I would use the remaining days of 2017 to post some random interest connections from the GFM website. Many of my donors are not new to InterVarsity but are very new to ministry among graduates and faculty. As I’m getting more familiar with things GFM, I’m surprised to find all kinds of people, groups and events that reflect the vastly creative and thoughtful world of Christians in academia. InterVarsity’s most recent vision statement aims to bring God’s kingdom to every corner of every campus. These posts will reflect some of what that lofty endeavor entails.

In a conversation I had earlier this fall with a Christian Social Work professor at UNO, I encountered the strategic nature of academic societies. These are groups of Christians connected within a given discipline united by their commitment to being uniquely Christian in identity and influence. If you are a Christian professional working in engineering, medicine, or education for example, have you considered searching out other like-minded believers in your discipline? There are dozens of different groups located at the link immediately below. This is one of the networking functions of a group like GFM.

Here’s a link to InterVarsity’s resource page on Christian Professional and Academic Societies. Take a minute to scroll down through the page and see what you connect with. Or maybe you know a Christian faculty member, professional or grad student in one of these fields. Send them a copy of the link. If you’re aware of someone starting a graduate program help us get them connected to the GFM work at the school they’ll be attending.

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