The road trip test.

Can you answer the following based solely on the clues appearing in these pictures?  This morning begins a 6-day fundraising tour touching down in Bloomington-Normal, Crawfordsville, Indianapolis, Fishers, Kokomo, North Manchester, Fox Lake, Madison, and Rockford!

  1. What is my favorite road trip munchie?
  2. Can you identify the model of my I-pod…it’s an oldie but a goodie.
  3. Who’s my fave group playin on that I-pod?
  4. What’s the healthy drink waiting for me in that nalgene?
  5. Can you guess what brand of coffee I’m drinking?  If so which roast (bonus points)?
  6. What’s the make model and year of the rental I’m driving?

  1. What state am I driving through this morning?
  2. How fast am I driving?  Is it above or below the speed limit?
  3. Oops.  That’s a gimmy on the auto make…

  1. Can you tell what’s in the jar?  Nature’s best little candy vitamins.
  2. What five states will I have driven in this week?

Leave your answers in a comment if you dare.  Or just email me.  Have a great week!

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