31% w. 17 Giving Partnerships!

I’m so grateful I have a terrific wife and brilliant kids.  Silas – thanks for helping me find Piktochart!  I knew infographs weren’t exactly rocket science, but was having a lot of trouble finding a free tool I could use.  Silas uses Piktochart all the time in school.

I’ll let the graphs do the talking.  The update at the bottom is also in this post below the graph.  I’ll post more about my work later, but for now to the uninitiated, I am a new (not really) staff member with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  I began my provisional appointment with GFM (Graduate Faculty Ministries) back in March.  Before I can fully engage my job description as a staff manager, I need to recruit the resources for my first year’s budget.  Here’s how it’s going so far.

june-update_22873569_c2db96d005137e8cf7a2c0b06fa26136cedd1f9dWhen I first applied for InterVarsity staff last August, the application process required me to submit an initial prospect list of 100 giving units – individuals, couples, families or churches.  My MPD coach (Ministry Partner Development) urged me to expand my list and prioritize it.  I plunged into contact work starting the second week of March.

As of today (June 9th) after 37 asks I’ve been able to raise $30,517.  17 giving partners have sent donations and or pledged monthly amounts.  Another 17 are in process – looking at their budget to see how they can help.  The strategy is to find a combination of monthly, sustaining gifts as well as larger, annual or one-time donations.

I’ve been extremely encouraged with the response.  Progress is being made toward full budget at about 10% per month!  Thank you so much for your incredible partnership.  InterVarsity will allow me to begin using funds for salary when I’m at 70%.  Pray for me to keep making progress – my hope is  to be at 70% by October and at full budget by year’s end!  Stay tuned via perryboilerroom.com on WordPress!

Need the link that goes to my support page at InterVarsity?  http://givetoiv.org/timperry


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